Coaching Call - $300

Coaching Call - $300

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Hi guys,


My name is Masuda Noori. I am a Certified Professional Accountant with a Masters in Business and Professional Accounting. I also run a multiple six-figure full-time bridal hair business that specializes in bridal hair services (for myself and my team), bridal hair products and bridal hair certificate classes/courses (online and in person). My passion is to help women understand business better. One great coaching call can change everything and I wanted to help someone who needs that guidance that can take years to learn. Ask me anything:


  • How do I start my business
  • How do I track my sales/expenses
  • What product should I sell and to who
  • What is the best marketing/brand strategies
  • How did I grow on social media
  • Where can I find customers
  • What should I charge
  • What should I post
  • Ask about any topics including: pricing, marketing, products, classes, accounting, social media, etc


I will be hosting these one-on-one coaching calls for a limited amount of time. I would highly recommend setting up a call if you're serious about growing your business.

Note: You will be contacted via email after making the purchase to schedule your 1 hour call. You will be asked to describe what you are looking to discuss during the call (via a questionnaire) so I can be fully prepared to help you.


Talk soon <3